Nurse in trouble over offensive Native American joke on Snapchat

Posted at 1:30 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 13:30:28-04

DURANT, Okla. -- A weekend Snapchat post is causing a firestorm on social media.

A nurse working a tribal softball game snapped a private photo of herself allegedly calling the players “fat Natives” and many people took their concerns to social media.

“I'm very offended that somebody will go out there and snapchat something like that,” Jerry Solano told KFOR.

Jill White sent a personal snapchat to a group of friends but it quickly became public.

“I feel like it's probably insensitive, probably shouldn't be on social media,” said Elaine Thompson.

White was wearing her nurse name badge when she took a selfie with a caption under the photo that said,

"My Fake smile. Excited to go make sure a bunch of fat natives don't stroke out playing softball. With no shoes or shirts on."

White was allegedly working the Choctaw Nation Labor Day festival when she sent the snap.

The original snap was deleted but not before it was shared.

“She had to think about it to put it on snapchat and me as a mixed breed person, I disagree totally. She's out of hand and something needs to be done,” said Solano.

A friend of White's who is Choctaw said the Snap was taken out of context.

Josh Muncy sent an email to the Choctaw Nation Chief saying it was an inside joke about a name he wanted to give his softball team because he said they're overweight and Native American.

He said White would have to give them CPR if he and his teammates pass out, and it was not intended or directed at the Choctaw people.

Chief Gary Batton released a statement saying, “We are aware of the situation and it is being handled appropriately.”

Some people on Facebook think the appropriate way to handle this situation is to fire White.

“She needs reprimanded for that,” said Solano.

While others say we should use this as a teachable moment.

“People need to be more sensitive about other people,” said Thompson.

KFOR asked the Choctaw Nation if there will be any disciplinary action against White. A spokesperson said they will not comment, citing personnel reasons.