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ChefsFeed Indie Week arrives in Richmond; chefs Brittany Anderson and Olivia Wilson make tarts

Posted at 9:51 AM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 09:53:47-04

RICHMOND, Va. — ChefsFeed Indie Week is here. Three nights of six tops chefs from Richmond, five Michelin Star chefs, three 2018 James Beard Best New Chefs and two Top Chef contestants will take place from August 23 – August 27 in their smallest city from a hosting standpoint since the roving dinner started. And we have a way for you to win tickets, giveaway language

The group of chefs (which will change each evening) will get together outside Brenner Pass, where the event will take place and visit other areas of Virginia and Richmond’s vibrant dining scene.

Brittany Anderson, owner of Brenner Pass and this year’s host, has been a part of the dining adventure for about three years.

“I got an invite to the New York event in 2016. I did that event and had the best time. I made some great friends, so then I did the Houston event and the New Orleans one.”

On how she got an invite, Anderson thinks it might have been previous Richmonder and one-time chef at Rogue in Jackson Ward, Aaron Hoskins who referred her.

“I think I’ve aged out [She laughs]. You really only get to do it for a bit. They want to keep new chefs featured and new talent coming in,” Anderson said.

If you are looking at the list, and still a bit unfamiliar with the chefs involved, here is a quick breakdown. This is NOT a comprehensive list of all the awards these chefs have but a quick reference to foreshadow the meals to come this weekend.

Brittanny Anderson, Owner/Chef of Brenner Pass and Host, James Beard semi-finalist.
Cable Smith, The Royal Washington, DC, Michelin
Brett Cooper, Aster, San Franscisco, Michelin
Olivia Wilson, Brenner Pass, Richmond, James Beard
James Kubie, Coquette, New Orleans
Jeffrey Vance, No Anchor, Seattle, James Beard Award, Best New Restaurant.
Tim Ma, Kyirisan, Washington DC
Adam Hall, Saison, Richmond
Kevin Tien, Himitsu, Washington DC, Food & Wine Best New Chef 2018, 2 times James Beard Rising Star Chef nominee,
Saw Naing, Tallula’s, Santa Monica
Shola Walker, Mahogany Sweets, Richmond
Jillian Bartolome, Aqui, Houston, Michelin
Colleen Quarls, Turkey and The Wolf, New Orleans, Food and Wine Best New Restaurant
Ross Coleman & James Haywood, Kitchen 713, Houston
Adam Puskorius, Fixe Southern House, Austin
Randall Doetzer, Richmond
Justin Tootla, Lover’s Only, Detroit
Jennifer Jackson, Lover’s Only, Detroit
Caitlyn Jarvis, Henrietta Red, Nashville
Trigg Brown, Win Son, Brooklyn
Jason Alley, Comfort, Richmond
Annie Pettry, Decca, Louisville, 2014 & 2015 Food & Wine Best New Chef nominee”
Leighann Smith, Piece of Meat Butcher, New Orleans
Mimi Weissenborn, Vinateria, New York

How do the dinners work?

Twenty-four chefs are separated into two groups during the first two nights of ChefsFeed Indie Week Both evenings, 12 different chefs prepare a course without knowledge of the other courses. On Sunday, all twenty-four chefs get together for the night.

“It’s less Indie than it used to be,” Anderson said. “These dinners are stuff in Richmond we don’t have a lot of. Taiwanese, a tortilla program, etc.”

For more information and to buy tickets, click here.