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Training camp kicks off in Richmond: ‘We live for Redskins football’

Posted at 1:12 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 13:12:16-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Washington Redskins training camp kicked off Thursday morning at Bon Secours Training Camp with a line of adoring fans waiting to cheer on the players.

"This is a time for all football fans to really come out and enjoy seeing practice up close. A really rare opportunity that this happens, and it’s right here in this great city of Richmond. And we get to enjoy it here and have a good time," Tony Wyllie, Senior Vice President of Communications for the Washington Redskins, said.

The camp, which spans from July 26 thru August 14,  offers fans a chance to not only see their favorite players in action, but also to meet them.

"I love this team. It's like an extension of my family," Jalen Harris, who was waiting in line before the doors opened, said.

Players began gearing up for the upcoming season at the first day of the camp around 9:30 a.m.

After practice, players signed autographs and met fans.

"If you cut my arm you’d see the burgundy and gold running down my arm," Robert Showe said as he cheered on the team from the sidelines.

He drove five hours, from West Virginia, to be at the opening day of camp.

"We live for Redskins football," he said.

Another fan, Robby Rose, even wore Redskins-themed tennis shoes.

"I love Redskins. I mean you die with them, you live with them, it don’t get much better than what we have here," said Rose.

He said the training camp is only the beginning.

"I can’t wait for the season to start. I mean these are my players. I mean, I love them to death, you know? And I can’t wait for the season to start and actually see my players on the field," he said.

Wyllie said this year there will be new theme days throughout camp including a Military or Service Day, a Kids' Day, and a 'Think Pink' Day to raise awareness for breast cancer.

He said those planning to come out can download the Washington Redskins App to view information on scheduling, training, and any impacts weather may have on the camp.

You can find a schedule of events here.