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Armed scarecrow guarding marijuana plants doesn’t scare local police

Posted at 4:41 PM, Jul 24, 2018

NAVARRO, Texas - An armed, but not so dangerous scarecrow couldn't scare off local authorities from busting up a marijuana growing operation.

The Navarro County Sheriff's Office got an anonymous tip and discovered a five-acre wide marijuana farm. While searching the site, they came across a scarecrow laying in a hammock holding what looked like a gun.

Navarro Co. Sheriff's Office Facebook

The Navarro County Sherriff's Department posted on Facebook that the dummy was fully dressed, boots and all, and holding "an assault-type rifle" to ward off unwelcome visitors (although people in the comments say it's actually a pellet gun.)

Clearly, the diversion didn't work, as authorities found 10,000 marijuana plants and a fairly sophisticated operation with campsites, portable generators and water pumps.

The discovery was so well hidden, a bulldozer had to be brought in to even reach the site. The growers haven't been found yet.