12-year-old lawn-mowing entrepreneur from viral story has big plans for the future

Posted at 4:36 PM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 16:36:33-04

MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio  — “Thank you for all of your support. God bless you,” said young Reggie Fields about life after his viral story.

A whole lot has changed since a neighbor called police on Reggie, claiming he was on their property and not the lawn he was hired to mow last month.

“I haven’t got this much support in a long time,” 12-year-old Reggie Fields told WEWS.

Since he first shared his story with us?

“My life has changed!” Reggie said, but he is still the same 12-year-old boy.

“A lot of people get stuff and they change, and he hasn’t,” said his mother, Brandy Fields.

Reggie is still determined, motivated and happy to help others.

“I want to encourage other kids to do the same thing. Stay out of trouble,” Fields said.

Reggie has seen support from folks across the globe.

“California, Canada, Afghanistan, Argentina – everywhere. People have been donating from everywhere,” his mom said.

Donations started showing up on the Fields’ Maple Heights doorstep the day after the News 5 story aired, and they just kept coming: lawn equipment, business cards, promotional materials, donations, t-shirts and more.

Reggie said his business is booming. He has already grown his crew to keep up.

Brandy Fields told WEWS they’ll put at least half the money earned from donations, and thousands still untouched on GoFundMe, away for college, because Reggie already has big plans. He said he plans to attend Harvard University or Kent State.

When asked what he wants to study, he said: “Business. All business.”

So what does the future look like?

“Succeeding, going to college and making something of myself,” Reggie said.

Reggie said his next goal is to start a group where he can bring kids together and lend them his equipment so they can start businesses too.