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High school stocks classrooms with ‘safety bucket’ in case of shooting

Posted at 10:48 AM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 10:48:13-04

Clio, MI — They are kits no one hopes to use, but ones a local school district said could save a life in the event of the unimaginable,  according to WNEM.

To prepare for an active shooter, the Clio School District is arming its classrooms with supplies.

Heidi Hummel and her classmates are gearing up for their senior year at Clio High School.

In this day and age, in light of all the school shootings, back-to-school prep has taken a more somber tone. This year at Clio, every classroom will have what’s called a “safety bucket.”

“We are unloading them and using them in the event of a lockdown situation. We’re also going to use them as food and supplies if we were ever locked down for a long time,” Hummel said.

The buckets will go into every classroom in the district.

Assistant Principal Kevin Ayre said the school needs the public’s help to fill the buckets with potentially life-saving supplies.

“They’re going to be filled with gauze, bandages, water. You know, necessities in the situation that we have to be in a long-term lockdown,” Ayre said.

Walmart donated 144 buckets. Students and faculty said they are great because in the case of an emergency they could be used as bathrooms as well.

The Clio Menards is taking donations for needed items.

Clio Principal Lisa Taylor said her school has been trained in ALICE, alert-lockdown-inform-counter-evacuate, and these buckets will just continue to help students feel more comfortable.

“I mean, when you look at our kids, my daughter goes to Clio. I have a high schooler and another one in elementary. And I look at this as a parent too. I want our students to come here and feel like, ‘wow, I feel like I’m safe,’” Taylor said.

Hummel wants to be prepared. By making sure every classroom is fully stocked she feels ready to head back to class.

“You can only live for today, but anything can happen,” Hummel said.