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Dancing FBI agent who accidentally fired gun in Denver nightclub allowed to carry gun again

Posted at 11:09 AM, Jul 11, 2018

DENVER – FBI agent Chase Bishop made his second court appearance after his gun discharged and shot a bar patron while he was doing a backflip last month, according to KDVR.

Chase Bishop waived his right to a preliminary hearing and a judge granted an exception to a protection order so he could carry his service weapon.

Bishop's lawyer, David Goddard, said prosecutors had offered Bishop a plea deal but didn't disclose details.

Goddard said the FBI strongly encourages its agents to carry guns when they're not working. Prosecutors didn't object so Judge Fran Simonet said Bishop could be armed while on- and off-duty.

Denver District Attorney's Office spokesman Ken Lane said toxicology tests on Bishop "do not support further charges." Bishop is due back in court on Aug. 21.

Bishop was partying at Mile High Spirits Distillery on the morning of June 2.

Cellphone video shows the 29-year-old agent doing a backflip, the gun flying out of its holster. When Bishop went to pick it up, the gun discharged, hitting a man in the leg.

The man, identified as Tom Reddington, is recovering. Bishop was released to an FBI supervisor that night.

Bishop turned himself in on June 12 and the next day, a judge granted the lowest level of supervision, freeing him on a $1,000 bond and allowing him to return to Washington where he lives and works.

He has been charged with second-degree assault, a felony that could send him to prison for up to six years.

The FBI has not commented on the case, other to say it is cooperating with the Denver Police Department.