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Chesterfied homeowners: Overgrown brush makes getting mail dangerous

Posted at 9:31 PM, Jul 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-09 21:31:27-04

CHESTERFIELD, Va. -- Larry Ogle said that overgrown brush makes crossing Elkhardt Road to get to his mailbox dangerous.

He said he can’t see vehicles zooming around the curve, because the bushes have grown over the white line and are creeping into the street.

“Every time I go out to get the mail, my wife says good luck,” Ogle said. “Sometimes I have her come to the end of the driveway and tell me if she sees any cars coming while I’m over here.”

Jerome Allen`s driveway is in the blind curve. He said his family has been hit pulling out of the driveway.

That’s why he wants a blind curve sign and a speed limit 35 mph sign.

“People would know that this area is a dangerous spot; a lot of accidents happen here and they were recognize that and take some precautions,” Allen said.

“It`s a dangerous situation,” Ogle said. “The ideal solution for me, would have the post office allowed me and other people on this side of the road, to put mailboxes on their side of the street.”

CBS 6 Problem Solvers contacted USPS, VDOT and Chesterfield County officials on his behalf.

After our call, chesterfield sent a code enforcement officer to check for  violations. And a USPS official concerned for both customer and mail carrier safety told us they will look into the case to see if moving his mailbox is an option.