Woman who ‘showed no form of life’ later found alive in mortuary refrigerator

Posted at 9:58 PM, Jul 02, 2018

They apparently thought she was dead when they placed her inside, but a South African woman was reportedly very much alive when she was recently taken out of a mortuary refrigerator.

Per Times Select, the woman was one of several people involved in a June 24 vehicular accident and was taken to a morgue after she was declared dead at the scene.

However, a morgue employee happened to check on the body at some later point and discovered she was, in fact, breathing. The woman was transferred to a Johannesburg-area hospital.

The victim has not been named, but the BBC reports that her family is demanding answers because, thus far, they say authorities have offered them no “clarity” regarding how the massive mistake was made.

The ambulance company has maintained the woman “showed no form of life” after paramedics checked for a pulse and signs of breathing. They said she was pronounced dead after they found none.

An official investigation is now underway. (Back stateside, a similar investigation was opened after police covered a still-breathing gunshot victim with a sheet last month.)

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