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Richmond mom upset over large hole in apartment ceiling

Posted at 9:54 PM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-02 21:54:33-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- A Richmond woman contacted CBS 6 Problem Solvers after she says the past four months have brought issue after issue in her southside apartment.

The final straw, she says was when pieces of her ceiling started to fall into her kitchen.

With every drip from a gaping hole in the ceiling to her kitchen floor, Shaniqua Reynolds grows even more frustrated. She says an issue in an apartment above hers led to a leak in her kitchen.

Reynolds lives in Brookmont apartments off Broad Rock Boulevard.

She says first she noticed water marks, a sagging ceiling and then pieces of the ceiling started to fall.

“Finally, the ceiling started coming down and the water was spreading. When it hit the light fixture, we got scared. We thought it was going to catch fire,” Reynolds said.

Her other worry was that the ceiling would completely collapse while her five-year-old daughter was inside.

Looking up at the hole in her ceiling, Reynolds has her own ideas of what she sees up above and also in her bathroom ceiling above the shower.

“When he pulled all of this off from when the ceiling first started leaking to the point it is now, it’s collecting mold. We enter our bathroom and there are so many nats and bugs in there because all of the ceiling bubbles and leaks,” Reynolds explained.

She contacted CBS 6 Problem Solvers, saying in four months since she and her roommate moved in, they’ve had their share of maintenance issues.

A few days ago, Reynolds says a plumber came out and cut the hole in the ceiling after those pieces started to fall. Her roommate Chakenia Carter described other issues they’ve had.

“The whole power box burned up. When the maintenance man came here and pulled the stove out, as soon as he took the switch out of the plug the whole box sparked. It popped and shut off everything that was working in the kitchen. Our air went out also,” Carter added.

Both ladies say a worker fixed that issue the very next day. They’re just eager to get this latest problem fixed.

Problem Solvers contacted Greenbrier Management which runs Brookmont.

A manager there said they do their best to address issues as they arise. She said Monday their worker was able to identify and repair an AC issue above Reynolds’ apartment.

That manager planned to revisit Reynolds in her home Monday to investigate whether or not there is mold in the unit.

She says she also planned to tell Reynolds when they will repair the ceilings.

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