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Gigantic cracks in Hawaii threaten to swallow home

Posted at 10:04 PM, May 23, 2018

OK Mother Nature, can we give Hawaii residents a break now?

Earthquakes rattled the homes of residents in the Leilani Estates community as a nearby volcano erupted, sending red hot lava oozing over their community that consumed anything in its way. Residents on the Big Island are coping with volcanic ash and toxic gasses spewing from the fissures left behind.

Now they’re left to deal with gigantic cracks that threaten to swallow homes whole.

Tam Hunt took photos Monday of his neighbor’s house, showing the ominous cracks splitting the foundation the home sits on. While the family home is still above ground, a corner of the property looks like it’s barely holding on from crumbling into the abyss below.

“I saw the family checking their house on Friday and the crack was not as bad. I went back Monday and noticed that it had gotten worse, so I texted (the homeowner) about it,” Hunt told CNN.

Hunt says the property has been in the neighbor’s family since 1991 and the couple moved into the home right before they had their two children, but now it seems they’ll never be able to call this place home again.

“I expect the home to be completely gone soon, every time we go back to see the damage, we notice that the earthquakes keep making the cracks wider and wider,” said Hunt.

Hunt who bought his home only a year ago, evacuated the area earlier in the month but has come back five times to survey the damage .

“My house and yard were covered by lava spatter turning into rocks in mid-flight,” Huntwrote on his blog. “The grass and plants were quickly killed off by sulfur dioxide. My palm trees began to fall down from being baked alive at the roots.”

Around him homes took a direct hit from the multiple fissures that erupted.

“My poor neighbors’ house was taken almost immediately by this new fissure that erupted through their garage and burned down their house” he wrote.

Hunt has been keeping contact with his neighbors, and says they were not able to take their belongings with them.

CNN reached out the homeowners for comment.