Adorable photo shows kids walk into airport holding hands after meeting on flight

Posted at 11:36 PM, May 16, 2018

FLINT, Mich. – Two children who met on an Allegiant flight didn’t think twice about holding hands as they walked into the airport – now, a photo of the pair is warming the hearts of adults everywhere.

The woman who took the picture, Monica, told WNEM she didn’t want to publicly give her last name. Monica posted the image to her Facebook page, Saginaw Love, with the following message:

“I flew home from St Pete’s last night, next to a wonderful woman from Saginaw. I would love for her to find this picture, but I never caught her name. The little boy in this photo is hers, These two kids were total strangers and the little girl just scooped her little man’s hand right into hers! This is our future, this can && should be our future- colorfree, yet so colorful  help me find her!”

Monica managed to find Kenya Menzies-Peoples, the mother of the little boy, Tay Junior, and WNEM got in touch with Nicole McCluskey, the mother of Tay Junior’s friend, Kendall.

“It’s kids being kids,” Menzies-Peoples said of the photo. “When left to their own devices everybody is naturally nice.”

“It just tells you that we do need more good in the world,” McCluskey told WNEM. “And this was a prime example and gives us hope.”

Allegiant Air took notice of the touching moment and gave both families a $100 discount off their next tickets. After becoming internet famous, the new friends even reunited at Flint’s Bishop Airport for a media photo shoot.

“All the bad stories and bad things we hear it’s just nice to see something pure and innocent,” Menzies told WNEM.