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Suspected serial killer may have served lover’s remains at barbecue, documentary says

Posted at 5:51 PM, May 11, 2018

IRON RIVER, Mich. – A 35-year-old woman already facing life in prison for killing her lover and husband, may have cooked and served her lover’s dismembered remains at a barbecue, an upcoming true crime documentary claims.

Kelly M. Cochran’s friends and family also told the creators of “Dead North” that they believe Cochran may have as many as nine other victims, whose bodies she buried across the Midwest, according to the IndyStar.

On April 18, 2018, Cochran was sentenced to 65 years in prison after admitting to authorities that she smothered her husband, Jason Cochran, after injecting him with heroin in Feb., 2016.

Kelly Cochran was already behind bars for the murder and dismemberment of her lover, Chris Regan, in Iron River, Michigan in 2014. Regan’s disappearance went unsolved until Jason Cochran’s death in Hobart, Indiana, raised the suspicions of investigators.

(Originally aired in November, 2017)

The Investigation Discovery show follows the case from the perspective of Laura Frizzo, Iron River’s chief of police, according to a news release. Upon hearing of Jason Cochran’s death, Frizzo was initially devastated, thinking she had lost a possible witness to Regan’s death – until Indiana investigators informed her Cochran’s death was a murder, not an overdose.

Cochran went on the run but was ultimately arrested in Kentucky in April, 2016 and brought to trial in Michigan.

She was convicted of killing Regan and was sentenced on May 10, 2017 to life in prison.

Almost a year later, she stood trial in Lake County, Indiana, where she pleaded guilty to the murder of her husband. Prosecutors argued that, on the night they were married, the Cochrans promised each other that, if there was ever infidelity, they would kill the lover, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Kelly Cochran said during her trial that she “thought it was a joke.”

In 2014, however, Kelly used the promise of sex to get Regan into her Michigan home, where Jason shot him, according to court records. The pair then cut up Regan’s body and buried his bagged remains in the woods, the documents said.

During her trial in Indiana, Cochran admitted to murdering her husband, saying she did it out of revenge for her boyfriend’s death.

Cochran’s own brother, Colton, Gaboyan, came forward after he suspected that his sister might be a serial killer, according to the show’s release.

Frizzo also believes that the case isn’t closed, even if the state of Indiana can’t legally charge her for more murders because of  the structure of her plea agreement. Frizzo’s relentless, “bullheaded” pursuit of the case took a toll on her career.

“The City Manager relieves Frizzo of her duties just as Kelly admits to having other ‘friends’ buried in Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Minnesota,” the release reads. “However, the identities and specific locations of these bodies remain a mystery to this day.”

“Dead North” airs on two parts on May 28 and 29.