Cash falls from Brinks truck, dropping money on interstate

Posted at 5:46 PM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 18:19:07-04

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Money fell from an armored truck on I-70 Wednesday morning, slowing down traffic on Indianapolis' west side.

The cash fell out of a Brinks truck near the Holt Road exit of I-70 at about 9 a.m. Police started getting calls from people who found the money, WRTV reports.

Troopers at the scene initially said up to $600,000 had flown across the interstate, but police later said the exact amount was not known.

“Bags of money were falling out of the back onto the interstate," said Indiana State Police Corporal Brock McCooe. “Sort of something out of a movie scene, where you have bills, loose bills flying all over the interstate, vehicles stopping, people getting out of their cars.”

Troopers say people were jumping over fences from the adjacent neighborhood to stuff their pockets with money.

But don't get too excited. Anybody who takes the money could be charged with theft, police said.

“If you’re willing to, in good conscience, turn it back in, there’s amnesty, there’s no real questions asked if you’re willing to give it back," McCooe said.

Police believe the truck wasn't secured all the way and opened up while driving.

The Brinks truck driver told state police that another driver waved at him and pointed to the back of his truck, and that's when he realized the door was not secure and had opened.

Westbound I-70 traffic was delayed in the area, but the scene has cleared.

The video below shows police stopping traffic to pick up money on the interstate.