Before-and-after photos of these rescued dogs will melt your heart

Posted at 7:45 PM, Apr 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-30 00:43:34-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Dogs of all breeds and sizes showed up to the Richmond Animal Care and Control annual fundraiser at Strangeways Brewery in Richmond.

The Bow Wow Meow Luau raises money for the Richmond Animal Care and Control Foundation (RACC).

"This is all to raise money for the foundation to help fund our emergency care at the shelter and any animal that comes and needs an emergency vet, surgery, heart worm treatment -- all of that is covered through our RACC Foundation," RACC Outreach Coordinator Robin Young said.

Before-and-After: Penelope

Before-and-After: Penelope

During Sunday's event, two special guests showed up.

The RACC helped saved the lives of "Penelope," a pit bull terrier mix that was found in Church Hill back in December nearly frozen to death with multiple bite wounds and "I'm a Size Zero," who now goes by the name of "Clementine," that was skin and bones when she was taken to the shelter in January.

Before-and-After: Zero/Clementine

Before-and-After: Zero/Clementine

Months later, after much care and love from the RACC and their new owners, both dogs are happy and doing well.

The organization said money from the event will help save the lives of other dogs and cats in the area.

"It's an example of what we do every day, and its definitely an example of the money that our foundation raises, just like this event is raising money for our foundation," Young said. "That money goes straight into the care of dogs like 'Penelope' and 'I'm a Size Zero.' They are the walking example of the work that we are doing."

Young also gave CBS 6 an update on OJ and Blue Dozer, the pair received international attention after a failed adoption. OJ is blind and Blue Dozer guides him. The pair was adopted after their original owner surrendered them, facing housing problems.

OJ, the blind dachshund, and Blue Dozer

OJ, the blind dachshund, and Blue Dozer

But after a failed adoption, the new adopter surrendered OJ and kept Blue Dozer. The staff at RACC says they've been getting multiple calls and adoption applications for the duo.

Young said the staff at RACC will start reviewing applications this week. If you're interested in adopting the pair or any other pet, click here to visit the RACC website.