She blamed genes for mysterious weight gain – until doctors found a massive tumor

Posted at 10:26 PM, Apr 20, 2018

CHICAGO -- A woman who thought the extra weight around her stomach was due to bad genes, was stunned to learn what was actually behind it.

Kim Turner lives Bloomington, Illinois and three years ago, she noticed she was gaining weight. But she couldn’t seem to lose it. She also didn’t have much of an appetite.

Turner knew  something was wrong.

So she sought medical consultation at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

It was there oncologist Dr. Ajay Maker discovered she had a massive, 20-pound tumor.

Dr. Maker performed a 3.5 hour surgery to remove the tumor last August.

The hospital says the tumor was so large, a staff member had to leave the surgery to purchase an extra-large container from a hardware store to transport the tumor to the pathology department.

Turner returned to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center Friday to speak with media alongside Dr. Maker.

In a statement from the hospital, Tuner said, “I am feeling much, much better and so much lighter,” she says. “I had no idea the way that I felt wasn’t normal. The red flag was that my belly kept getting bigger, even though I didn’t have an appetite. I knew then that something was wrong. If there is anything I can share with others about my experience, it’s to always follow your gut instinct.”