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‘They’re holding checks forever,’ said Petersburg resident of City Hall

Posted at 7:01 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 19:55:26-04

PETERSBURG, Va. – Some Petersburg residents are finding that their checks are not being deposited in the bank, nor are the accounts being updated.

Many are complaining that although they pay their bill on time, checks are not clearing the bank for weeks.

"They're holding checks forever," says Anne Ragsdale.

Ragsdale has had three checks not clear, including one.

"That was put in the dropbox the 13th of March and this is the 12th of April, I just checked it a minute ago, it hasn't cleared the bank, it hasn't even gone to the bank yet,” she said.

Others say their check clears but their next bill may reflect they are a month or more behind on payments.

"It seems like it's very little if any progress has been made over the past two years" says Barb Rudolph.

Her current utility bill also includes "two previous months on there, which we've paid.”

"It's very deceptive, I'm concerned that people are overpaying,” Rudolph said.

"Understand the frustration and we'll work to eliminate that," says City of Petersburg Chief Operating Officer Michael Rogers.

The City suggested residents pay their bills online but the City understands there are delays in collections and the treasurer's office. To address the issue they will be adding staff to both so "both sides of the system are in sync and timely so that citizens are not experiencing this kind of frustration,” according to Rogers.

Rogers also says currently the City is accepting payments for utility, personal property and real estate tax which is adding to the backlog.

"Since we know this is twice a year we can better prepare for that by scheduling people to provide assistance during crunch times.”

"If you live in Petersburg, rest assured you better keep all of your documentation,” Ragsdale said. “There is no ‘he said she said.’”

“They want the proof and you better have it, they don't have it but you better have it,” she added.