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Utah Police have amusing response after someone toilet-papers chief’s truck

Posted at 9:21 AM, Apr 09, 2018

Someone toiled-papered the Police Chief’s truck in Salina, Utah. Image courtesy Salina City Pd.

SALINA, Utah – Police in one Utah city got a little nostalgic Saturday after someone toilet-papered the Chief of Police’s truck.

Salina City Police posted a photo of the prank on Facebook and were clearly taking a light-hearted look at an activity they say they don’t recommend but “has several positive effects.”

Police said while this may have been a good way for kids to get out of the house and get some exercise, they remind citizens that not everyone appreciates the joke.

The post from police states in part:

“This has caused a few youngsters to get their face out of the screen, prevented them from eating tide pods, snorting condoms or Smarties. This also has many health benefits including a little cardio as you ran around toilet papering the Chief of Police’s truck, breathing deeper than normal while laughing your guts out creating a lifelong memory with your friends.

This also caused a few adults to get outside and exercise, breathing deeper than normal cleaning up the mess all while laughing their guts out reminiscing about their youth when they did the exact same thing with their friends.

But, some people would not appreciate this happening to them. Once again, the Salina City Police do not recommend this type of activity.”