New spring Peeps include mystery flavors and a breakfast option

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It just wouldn’t be Easter – or spring for that matter – without those iconic little marshmallow treats: Peeps.

For 2018, Peeps is shaking things up though. There are a whole bunch of new flavors on the way for the chicks, including sour watermelon, fruit punch, and party cake.

Target is carrying some filled Peeps options, as in their Neapolitan chick, filled with chocolate and strawberry.

Apparently, Peeps are what’s for breakfast too. Kroger will carry the Pancakes & Syrup flavored treats. Really.

Photo courtesy: Peeps Brand

If you shop at Walmart, you’ll find three different packages of plain white Peeps, all marked with big question marks. They’re the mystery flavors #1, #2 and #3. Peeps lovers are being encouraged to try them and send their taste guesses to Peeps on social media. (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram)

Happy spring!