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Woman accuses husband after discovering one of her kidneys is missing

Posted at 10:13 PM, Feb 08, 2018

WEST BENGAL, India – An Indian man is in police custody after allegedly stealing one of his wife’s kidneys to serve as a dowry. When she complained of stomach pain two years ago, Rita Sarkar, 28, says her husband arranged a visit to a private nursing home in Kolkata, where the couple stayed with one of his relatives, per the BBC.

Sarkar—who claims her husband abused her for years with demands for a dowry, though dowries are banned in India—says she was given a drink that made her feel drowsy, per the Telegraph of India.

Later, a doctor at the nursing home “told me that I needed immediate operation for appendicitis,” Sarkar says. “The next day, I was operated on.” Months later while visiting family, she developing lower back pain and visited a hospital, where an ultrasound showed an infection in her left kidney.

Her right kidney, however, was gone. “I was shattered,” Sarkar tells the <em>Telegraph</em>. “I then understood why my husband implored me to keep quiet about the surgery,” she adds, per the Hindustan Times.

“He sold my kidney because my family couldn’t meet his demand for dowry.” Sarkar filed a police complaint on Friday naming Biswajit Sarkar, as well as his brother and mother.

While the mother is reportedly on the run, the two men were arrested Monday and face charges including attempted murder and organ trafficking, reports the <em>Hindustan Times</em>.

A police rep says they “suspect the involvement of a racket,” adding “a special team has been formed to investigate.” Reached by the <em>Telegraph</em>, Biswajit Sarkar said his wife had donated a kidney willingly and “even signed a consent letter.” But Rita Sarkar says “I was definitely drugged and don’t remember signing any paper.” (This is part of a larger issue.)

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