Amazon keeps sending mystery packages to this couple – and they want it to stop

Posted at 8:00 PM, Feb 07, 2018

ACTON, Mass. – The mystery Amazon packages started arriving in October, and now a Massachusetts couple just wants it to stop.

Mike and Kelly Gallivan, of Acton, told The Boston Globe it was funny at first. “Then it got to be weird,” Kelly said.

The boxes arrive without any packing slip or return address, and the products inside are mostly cheap gadgets, such as hand warmer phone chargers, tent lights, water glass humidifiers and cellphone cases.

“We just don’t know how to stop this stuff coming to the house,” Mike said. The couple are also worried that it may be some type of a scam, or that they’ll be held financially liable for the orders.

Amazon told the paper that the items were bought with a gift card, but declined to say anything else.

One theory to explain the flood of unwanted gizmos is that someone is using their address as part of a scam to game the review system. A review from an Amazon “verified buyer” will display more prominently, an expert told the paper, so whoever is buying the products may be doing it so they can write glowing reviews of their own merchandise.

Amazon told The Globe that they are investigating.