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Virginia teacher killed amid love triangle, prosecutor argues

Posted at 8:57 AM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 08:57:43-05

NORFOLK, Va. - A Norfolk teacher killed New Year's Eve was the unintended target of a 70-year-old man involved in a love triangle, prosecutors said during a hearing Monday for one of the suspects charged in the teacher's death, WTKR reported.

Caroline Hendrix, 50, taught pre-k at Oceanaire Elementary. She was shot and killed New Year's Eve while sitting in a car with a friend.

Prosecutors said Edward Shaw, 70, fired the fatal shots after her mistook her for someone else.

Monday's bond hearing was for 22-year-old Teniqu Cushman. Cushman, of Virginia Beach, is charged with conspiracy to commit second degree murder. During her hearing, a prosecutor laid out what happened the night of the shooting.

Teniqu Cushman

The prosecutor said Hendrix was in her friend's car outside of a home on Virginian Drive. Shaw thought he was shooting Hendrix's friend.

Shaw, Cushman, and Hendrix's friend were part of a love triangle, the prosecutor said.

Cushman, who was not at the scene the night of the shooting, had been texting with Shaw, according to the prosecutor.

Shaw texted Cushman that he had "shot him," but also said he was shot.

Police later caught up with Shaw in Chesapeake, where officers said he told them he was the victim of a road-rage shooting. Police later determined that to not be true. Police have said an acquaintance of Hendrix shot Shaw during the incident.

The prosecutor said Shaw and Cushman had a "friends with benefits" relationship.

Cushman also had a sexual relationship with Hendrix's friend, but that relationship soured, the prosecutor added.

Cushman texted Shaw that the other man "had to be gone" due to mental abuse from the man, the prosecutor said.

Cushman's attorney argued that was not proof she wanted Shaw to shoot the other man. The attorney argued Cushman simply wanted the relationship to end.

Hendrix's friend's name was later found by investigators written in Shaw's office, the prosecutor added.

During the bond hearing, the prosecutor said Cushman "put the things into action that led to Hendrix's death." In the end, a judge denied her bond request. Prosecutors also added Cushman had a prostitution charge from 2015.

Cushman's fiancé testified in the hearing that the couple is building a home and have plans to move in the next few months. He said the two had been dating on-and-off since 2014. After the hearing, he said he had "a lot to process," but didn't want to comment further.

Shaw was scheduled to have a bond hearing on Friday, but his attorney withdrew the request.

Court officials say that the next scheduled court date for both Cushman and Shaw is on April 11, 2018.