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Couple gets married suspended 400 feet above canyon

Posted at 11:20 AM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-05 11:20:45-05

LODI, Calif. - You've probably never seen photographs like this before.

Kimberly Weglin and Ryan Jenks got married in Moab, Utah  - suspended 400 feet above a canyon.

Their wedding photos, featuring them on a spider web looking contraption as they said their vows, have gone viral.

"I’ve heard a lot of people say, 'Because it’s every woman’s dream to get married on a spiderweb,'" Weglin told KTXL. "And I was like, 'For me it was.' That was super romantic for me because that was what we love."

Both Weglin and Jenks said they live the "slack life" and enjoy reaching "flow state" when they are on the line. They do both slackline and highline.

"That’s our whole life," Weglin said. "We didn’t really change anything about our lives to make this wedding happen, which I think is the interesting part that a lot people don’t really realize. We live this lifestyle every single day."

They travel around the world and take in the scenery of Yosemite and other places through highlining and slacklining, with the GGBY Festival in Utah being a yearly tradition.

"We’ve always done it together and this festival is always something we’ve gone to together, so we thought it’d be a great place to get married," Jenks said.

With the help of their high-flying and acrobatic friends, they were able to make it happen on Nov. 20, just a day before the festival kicked off. The couple says everyone was safe, even Kimberly’s dad, who provided the viral photograph of their wedding.

"There’s this photo of him, it’s the best photo, it’s one of my favorite photos of the wedding. And he had walked me down the aisle, and he made it out there and he said, 'Yes, he’d never done anything like this,'" Weglin said.

The couple wants to raise awareness about the sport and have numerous social media accounts dedicated to their time living the "slack life."

The couple is working on scaling the business so anyone else who wants to get married above a canyon can do so.

"If you live the slack life and all your spare time, and money and energy goes into slacklining, it’s just a different kind of vibe," Jenks told KTXL.