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‘I’m stuck’: Mom scrambles to find home after city condemns building

Posted at 6:40 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 18:42:04-05

RICHMOND, Va. – More units have been condemned at an apartment complex currently being sued by the City of Richmond, after they said management failed to make necessary repairs to the property.

For almost a year, residents at the Flats at Ginter Park have contacted CBS 6 Problem Solvers because they didn’t have running water or heat, or there were mold issues. In February 2017, the ceiling in Felix Turner’s apartment collapsed.

Then yesterday, while the property manager was in court for the charges, Cheryl Brown said the ceiling collapsed on her while she was in the kitchen. Brown has reached out in the past over deplorable living conditions at the apartment complex.

As the city continues to investigate and condemn buildings, now folks are scrambling to get a new home. Katricia Delaney, a mother, said that she doesn’t know where she is going to go. She is a single parent who has a child with special needs and she said they`re essentially homeless.

Cheryl Brown sent a photo of her collapsed ceiling

She has 24 hours to leave, she said.

“You can`t just throw us all on the street!,” Delaney said. “You have to provide us somewhere to go!”

She said there are also elderly tenants and others with children who don’t have any options.

In the past when city condemned buildings at the Flats, the city provided vouches and temporary living situations. CBS 6 is still working to find out if that will be the case this time around .

The property manager is due back in court on April 10 for the trial.

These are the buildings that were focused on in court:

Failure to make necessary changes:

  • 900 Westbrook Ave
  • 902 Westbrook Ave
  • 4800 Old Brook Road
  • 4801 Old Brook Road
  • 4802 Old Brook Road
  • 4803 Old Brook Road
  • 4804 Old Brook Road
  • 4805 Old Brook Road
  • 4806 Old Brook Road
  • 4807 Old Brook Road
  • 4808 Old Brook Road
  • 4809 Old Brook RoadUnsafe structures:
  • 4810 Old Brook Road
  • 4811 Old Brook Road
  • 4812 Old Brook Road
  • 4813 Old Brook Road
  • 4814 Old Brook Road
  • 4815 Old Brook Road
  • 4816 Old Brook Road
  • 4819 Old Brook Road
  • 4817 Old Brook Road
  • 4818 Old Brook Road