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Busch Gardens shuts down Curse of DarKastle

Posted at 1:20 PM, Jan 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-24 13:20:07-05

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — The curse has ended at Busch Gardens. After 13 years of terror, the Williamsburg theme park has closed the doors to DarKastle.

“We thought we’d say goodbye to Curse of DarKastle with this final ride (digitally of course). The ride building will transform into a special events venue starting this year,” the park posted on Facebook. “While the ride maintained a loyal following over the last 13 years, we will be able to now offer new and exciting opportunities for Howl-O-Scream, Christmas Town and other events.”

DarKastle fans, not thrilled with the decision to close the castle, expressed their feelings on the Busch Gardens Facebook page.

“One of the only rides available for people who don’t love roller coasters. This was a ride that we were able to take the grandkids on without killing ourselves,” Angie Lopez wrote. “Plus it was indoors, so it was great to be able to cool down in the hot summers.”

“Extremely upsetting,” Mindi Fisher chimed in. “I don’t like roller coasters and this was the one ride I liked and could ride with my family. So SAD to take an awesome ride away.”

In response to both the positive and negative comments, Busch Gardens teased a new ride coming to the theme park.

“You might like our new Action VR Ride- Battle For Eire, opening this spring… it is also indoors,” the park responded.

It also mentioned plans to re-purpose DarKastle into an entertainment venue.

“We want you to choose the name for the new event space,” the park posted. “Which would you prefer: Gartensburg Castle, NewKastle or Oktoberfest Palaste?”

The park’s Facebook poll ends Jan. 26.