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City residents say what’s on their Richmond wish list

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jan 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-01 18:32:16-05

RICHMOND, Va. – As the calendar flips to 2018, and Mayor Levar Stoney enters his second year, CBS 6 asked city residents what is on their wish list for Richmond this year.

On New Year’s Day, reporter Melissa Hipolit hunkered down at Church Hill coffee shop Captain Buzzy’s to ask customers what their hopes and dreams are for the River city.

Below are some responses:

“I think this is a great time to be here in Richmond and I think a lot of people know that and I’d like more people to feel that way in 2018, that's probably what I would hope for the most.”

CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit asks residents what they want for Richmond.

“It disappoints me a little bit that a lot of parents have a real question to ask themselves if their child is zoned for Armstrong or for TJ or for MLK middle school – so, just pressing education…”.

“Hope that the schools keep improving.”

“Personally the one thing I hope more than anything else is that Kuba Kuba doesn't close it's my favorite restaurant anywhere in the world.”

“I hope for the future of people that don't have as much as we do, for lower income people in a city or state where you are moving up or moving on, that they don't get left behind.”

“Smoother sidewalks.”

“I’m pretty well satisfied, that's great, I love that, I don't know how lucky I am.”

We also asked folks on social media about what they're hoping for in 2018 for Richmond.

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