Sailors on USS Gerald R. Ford get ‘The Last Jedi’ special screening

Posted at 1:35 PM, Dec 16, 2017

USS GERALD R. FORD -- Millions around the country are hitting the theater to catch the new Star Wars movie and thanks to some quick work by the U.S Navy and Disney, sailors at sea are getting a chance to see the new film on opening day too.

Friday, 2,600 sailors aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford were surprised with a special screening of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” WTKR reported.

The Navy’s newest aircraft carrier is currently running tests off the Virginia coast.

The Navy contacted Disney, the movie’s distributor, when some on board the ship expressed hopes that they would be home in time for the premiere.

That didn’t happen, but Ken Caldwell, a Disney rep, flew to Norfolk to deliver a special copy of “The Last Jedi”.

As expected, the massive crowd cheered when they found out what was happening.

“This was our very first time doing this so it was a big boost in morale for our sailors,” said LCDR Katharine Cerezo.

After the roughly 2 1/2 hour screening, sailors were still in shock.

“Totally awesome, totally unexpected. I’ve been watching 'Star Wars' …for a pretty long time so that was pretty exciting,” said PO2 Bryan Wartman.

And it was certainly an exciting morning for these real-life heroes who, just for a few moments, were transported to a galaxy far, far away.