Trump records robocall for Roy Moore

Posted at 10:01 PM, Dec 09, 2017

President Donald Trump recorded a robocall for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, claiming all progress will be “stopped cold” if his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, is elected in Tuesday’s special election.

The call stresses the need for Moore’s vote in the Senate and claims Jones “is soft on crime, weak on immigration, supports abortion. He’s bad for our military and bad for our vets. We don’t want him, and he also, by the way, wants higher taxes.”

“We need Roy voting for us. I am stopping illegal immigration and crime. We’re building a stronger military and protecting the Second Amendment and our pro-life values,” Trump says in the call. “But if Alabama elects liberal Democrat Doug Jones, all of our progress will be stopped cold. We already know Democrat Doug Jones is a puppet of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and he will vote with the Washington liberals every single time.”

Deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah confirmed Saturday night that Trump recorded the call, which Politico first reported. The Moore campaign did not return a request for comment. CNN obtained the audio of the endorsement Sunday.

The call is another high-profile move by Trump to boost Moore.

At a rally Friday in Pensacola, Florida, which is near the Alabama border, the President pointed to someone in the audience and said: “This guy is screaming, ‘We want Roy Moore.’ He is right.”

The President then said Democrats in Congress “want open borders, higher taxes, and government-run health care that doesn’t work. Costs a fortune, doesn’t work. They are soft on crime. … That’s why we need a Republican in the House. We need a Republican in the Senate. We need more of them.”

Trump also told the crowd: “We cannot afford — this country, the future of this country — cannot afford to lose a seat in the very, very close United States Senate. We can’t afford it, folks. We can’t.”

Republicans hold a 52-48 majority in the Senate.

The rally comes after Trump spent part of the week touting Moore on Twitter despite the accusations that the 70-year-old, twice-ousted former state Supreme Court chief justice had pursued sexual relationships with teenagers, molested a 14-year-old and sexually assaulted a 16-year-old, all while he was in his 30s. Moore has repeatedly denied the allegations.

The President has repeatedly cast Democratic candidate Doug Jones as too liberal for Alabama.

“LAST thing the Make America Great Again Agenda needs is a Liberal Democrat in Senate where we have so little margin for victory already,” Trump tweeted Friday. “The Pelosi/Schumer Puppet Jones would vote against us 100% of the time. He’s bad on Crime, Life, Border, Vets, Guns & Military. VOTE ROY MOORE!”