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Parents with 2-year-old twins getting ready for surprise triplets

Posted at 1:02 PM, Nov 13, 2017


BALTIMORE – A family in Maryland was just getting used to having twins when they had to prepare themselves for another surprise.

Right now, the Tolberts have three sons. Shai is six years old. He has 2-year-old twin brothers, Alexander and Riley.

But having multiple births once wasn’t enough. They’re about to do it again.

They went for a sonogram, and when the technician printed out the images.

“I saw how long it was, and I was like, ‘Why is this strip so long?'” Robert Tolbert told WJZ-TV. “And I looked at it, and it said Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C, and that’s when I passed out.”

The three babies are due in March. All three are girls, to go with their three boys.

“I love being a mom, I can’t explain the feeling of someone yelling at you all day, throwing toys at you, throwing up on you, but at the end of the day, you are there,” said Nia Tolbert.