These Hopewell homes are Halloween🎃version of tacky lights tour

Posted at 12:08 AM, Oct 26, 2017
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HOPEWELL, Va. -- If there was a tacky lights tour for Halloween, two houses in Hopewell -- neighbors, practically -- would certainly be on the list.

Both say they're not competing against each other, but are kind of harmonizing for the spooky season because each has their own style.

Halloween display in Hopewell.

Halloween display in Hopewell.

At 3002 Oak Lane, Greg Cummings is the Halloween version of MacGuyver, researching and cooking up clever and exotic ways of making his front yard of horrors mesmerizing for hundreds of of trick-or-treaters and motorists creeping by to see what's new -- or dead -- at "Oak Lane Cemetery."

He and his wife, Cindy, and their two boys have a monster stash of candy and other goodies, so don't be afraid to brave the fright-filled yard.

A word of caution: they prefer not to scare the kids too much, but parents better look out!

Mark Holmberg lies with a skeleton in his latest "RVA Revealed."

Mark Holmberg lies with a skeleton in his latest "RVA Revealed."

Just a couple of blocks away, at 2604 Danville Street, is the chilling digs of Patti and Roger Tutton and their two sons.

They also create a good bit of their displays, but lean a little heavier on store-bought frights.

They've been at it there for 14 years (this is year five for the Cummings) and carefully plan the path children must take through their yard to reach their treats to maximize the terror. Bogeymen and ghouls are lurking!

It's all good family fun, they said, with parents enjoying the frights with their children year after year.

Mark Holmberg's

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