9-year-old girl spreads love to Hurricane Irma victims

Posted at 5:52 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 17:52:44-04

Madeline Fox, 9, and Jase Romano, 5, clean up in their Florida neighborhood after Hurricane Irma. The pair is raising money to help victims of the storm.

Nine-year-old Madeline Fox is at it again.

After raising more than $4,000 last year for victims of Hurricane Matthew, which hit the southeastern US coast, Madeline wants to spread love to survivors of Hurricane Irma.

“I’m raising funds to help with medical care, replace buildings, to get more food and more resources.” she told CNN.

Madeline and her family live in Florida, where Hurricane Irma plowed through last month. So again, it is personal.

“It’s our family getting hurt and I wanted to help.” Madeline said.

And she’s not alone this time around. Her friend, 5-year-old Jase Romano, hopped on board the love train.

Madeline Fox, 9, and Jase Romano, 5.

“He was inspired when I told him about what I did with (Hurricane) Matthew. We walked around the neighborhood to ask people for money,” she said.

“You always want to help others in need.”

Madeline and Jase reaching out to their neighbor, Susie, to help raise funds for Hurricane Irma relief.

Madeline set up a fund-raising page on Razoo. The money will go to Direct Relief, a non-profit working on the ground to help Florida’s storm victims.

“It is like every parent’s dream to have a child with a heart like this,” Madeline’s mother, Erin Moore-Fox, said. “She is very perceptive about how other people are feeling. We are incredibly proud of her.”