Man pulled gun at Zaxby’s over chicken fingers size, employee says

Posted at 4:00 PM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-09 16:06:39-04

COLUMBUS , Ga. – Workers at a Zaxby's restaurant in Georgia were forced to hide in a freezer after they say a man threatened employees with a gun over his order of chicken fingers.

The incident happened at the Zaxby's on Buena Vista Road in Columbus, WRBL reported.

Juanakee White, who works at the fast-food restaurant, said  the ordeal started when a customer began to complain  about the size of a chicken finger Tuesday night.

 Zaxby's on Buena Vista Road

Zaxby's on Buena Vista Road

"He said they were not big enough,” White explained. "That's fine. He still kind of argued with her and she said, ‘Well, I'll replace it to make you happy.’"

White said that after more back and forth the customer went outside.

"He just went to the car, got a pistol [and] was proceeding to come back in and everybody ran to the back and the customers were running to the back, running to the other side,” White said.

She said workers called Columbus police were called and they responded.

"And that was it,” she said. “We thought that was it.”

Juanakee White

Juanakee White

But that was just the beginning.

"After the police left the first time, he came back," White said

White said when the customer returned, another frenzy broke out.

“They say he had a gun, so we ran back to the back again and got in the refrigerator and called the police again and they came back," she said.

Columbus police are also weighing in on the investigation.

Lt. Bill Gasaway with Columbus Police described the man's first reported incident.

"He came back in, employees got scared and they called 911 and said he may have a gun,” Lt. Bill Gasaway said. “And that's why officers came up here, but from what I’m being told. There was no gun seen nor anything like that."

There was no word if the man involved would face any charges in connection with the incident.

Police said they planned to review the Zaxby's surveillance as early as Wednesday.