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Slain trooper honored at Richmond Community Police Appreciation Day

Posted at 7:17 PM, Aug 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-05 19:17:16-04

RICHMOND, Va.  -- Community members showed up in numbers to a popular restaurant in the Fan District to help support the family of a fallen hero.

Home Team Grill on West Main Street hosted the 3rd annual Richmond Community Police Appreciation Day from noon to four Saturday afternoon.

"We come out to support the families and we are trying to do what we do to help them," said Chesterfield Police Officer George Fisher who showed up with his family to support the event.

Richmond Community Police Appreciation Day

Richmond Community Police Appreciation Day

The day was originally organized to boost morale within the Richmond Police Department and was turned into a fundraiser for injured or fallen officers, according to an organizer.

Ten percent of sales were donated to the non-profit Powhatan Youth Wrestling and Community Development, Inc to be used to support the Blackhawk Gym in Powhatan in memory of Virginia State Police Special Agent Michael Walter.

Virginia State Police Special Agent Michael Walter

Virginia State Police Special Agent Michael Walter

Walter was fatally shot in Richmond’s Mosby Court Friday on May 26 while working with a Richmond Police Officer as part of a City and State partnership.

Families were able to participate in raffles and meet members of the Richmond Police Department.

"It shows the community that we are human, right?" Deputy Chief Steve Drew said. "We interact with them, we protect them, serve them, and work with them."

Officer Fisher

Officer Fisher

Officer Fisher said the job as a police officer can be taxing on both law enforcement as well as their families.

"The men and women in law enforcement today have a huge demand put upon them," Fisher said. "You got to have all the wisdom that could ever be crammed in somebody’s head and be expected to solve a lot of people's problems."

Returning to West Main Street to support his brother's in blue was bittersweet for Fisher.

"A friend of mine was killed on the street we are on right now," he remembered. "37 years ago Mike Connors was killed while on a robbery call."

Mike Connors

Mike Connors

Officer Michael Walters was just 23 years old and on the force for only a year when he was shot and killed November 13, 1979, according to the RPD website.

Days like Saturday where the community gathers and shows their support keeps officers like Fisher working hard.

"The communities are wonderful," Fisher said. "They’re like the silent majority that you don’t hear about that often."