Man shocked to find BMW crawling with cockroaches

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jun 29, 2017

HONOLULU – You’ve heard that BMWs pack a ton of horsepower under the hood – but how about a pack of cockroaches?

“I noticed these things crawling out of the crack between the car frame and the hood.” Kona resident Blake Howell told KITV-TV.

A creepy crawly scene is what Howell found in his BMW after driving home from Kona International Airport.

Once home, he grabbed a bottle of insecticide as quick as he could.

“It was incredible. I opened up the hood and they kept coming out and I kept spraying,” said Howell. “There had to have been a thousand bug corpses in the driveway and we washed it down into the gutter.”

Howell is not sure how the roaches got there. He says he just cleaned his car and doesn’t eat inside of it. But, Howell does have a theory. Before leaving on a five-day trip, Howell parked his car under a tree in the parking lot of Kona International Airport.

“We were driving around that parking lot for 10 minutes and finding nothing. We found this spot and now we know why it was available.”

Professional exterminators tell Island News they’ve never seen a car infestation like this.

Ralph Pascual suggests if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation – call the experts.

“Because they may harbor somewhere deep inside, where you’re not going to get them.” says Pascual.

Blake didn’t go that route. And he’s still finding roach corpses to this day.

“I joked with somebody that if they had actually been in the interior I probably would have had to set the thing on fire.” laughed Howell. “At this point when you’ve seen what I saw, every surface I look at I see bugs, so. I’m definitely paranoid being inside it.”