Virginia pastor arrested for knowingly transmitting STDs

Posted at 6:56 PM, Jun 28, 2017

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- A Newport News man has been charged with sexual battery with the intent to transmit infection.

Church officials tell affiliate WTKRthat 40 year-old Andre Leaphart is an Associate Pastor at the Fellowship United Church of Christ in Chesapeake.

Police said on April 12 a Hampton man told authorities that he contracted a sexually transmitted disease from the Leaphart. The victim said the suspect knew he was infected.

Andre Leaphart

After a two month long investigation, Leaphart was arrested Tuesday.

Leaphart's relatives told a different story. They said Leaphart has always been honest about his medical situation with those he was close to and they don't believe the accusations.

They said Leaphart is always going out of his way for others and they think there is more to this story that has not been exposed.

They declined to speak on camera.

Church leaders also declined to comment about the arrest.

Leaphart is expected in court July 11 for his next hearing.