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7-year-old hit by car on Williamsburg Road

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-20 18:52:40-04

RICHMOND, Va. – A young boy was struck by a car in the East End on Monday night, at the intersection of Williamsburg Road and Futura Avenue

The devastating scene unfolded near Lynnette Leake's front porch..

"We heard a little boy screaming and crying,” Leake said. “So, we jumped up and ran over.”

CBS 6 obtained surveillance video of the boy running into the street moments before impact.

Witnesses said the boy is a 7-year-old who lives in the neighborhood.

"Everybody was saying ‘don't move him,’” said Leake. "He was unconscious."

Leake said that the boy was bleeding.

Leake said EMS crews worked on the victim before they rushed him to the hospital.

"They cut his shirt and stuff off of him. But he was bleeding real bad from his head and out of his mouth,” Leake said.

She also said that the driver stayed at the scene the entire time.

"The gentleman and the lady that hit him, they came up while he was right there. They said he just came from nowhere,” said Leake.

Which is why, Leake said she is always careful when crossing Williamsburg Road.

"You have to be careful and you got to look before you crossover. You have to look because it is busy,” Leake said.

Richmond Police said there have been four reported accidents so far this year along this stretch of Williamsburg Road.

Leake said she has been worried this would happen because kids dodge the traffic all the time.

"My mom would say ‘one day those kids are going to get hit running back and forth across that street,’” Leake said.

Richmond Police have not said if the driver faces any charges in this case.

Witnesses said the victim suffered a broken hip and leg, and is recovering in the hospital.