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Henrico homeowner concerned HOA isn’t handling aging gas lines

Posted at 6:35 PM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 18:35:22-04

HENRICO, Va. – A Henrico homeowner is concerned that her homeowner’s association isn’t dealing with aging gas lines.

For 32 years, Maggie Hagen has called the Deerwood Condominiums her home.

"It has been fun, a great neighborhood to live in,” Hagen said.

But a recent incident in Hagen's back yard gave her pause.

"You could hear the gas hissing from this,” Hagen said.  “I mean the whole courtyard back here was reeking of gas."

Hagen and her neighbors reported the incident to Richmond's Department of Public Works and also to the fire department. The city provides gas to this part of Henrico County.

The technician who responded turned off the gas, and said one of the lines was corroded and needed to be repaired.

“We got no notice that there was a gas leak,” Hagen said. “To me that's negligence."

Hagen reported the problem to Deerwood's Board of Directors and the management company -- Associa Community Group.

She said the management company told her it's up to the homeowner to fix the gas line.

But Hagen wasn't satisfied and contacted the CBS 6 Problem Solvers.

The President responded to a CBS 6 Problem Solver inquiry and said that because it's a gas leak, Associa Community Group will hire a professional company to investigate if there are other gas leaks -- to ensure the homeowner's safety.

A few miles away at another property also managed by Associa Community Group, a homeowner is fed up over the alleged delay of her work order.

"It's frustrating,” Barbara Ayers said. “I have really had it at this point."

Ayers said her neighbor’s leaky gutter has caused water damage to her home.

She put work orders in nearly a year ago to the Associa, which manages the townhomes.

Ayers said a maintenance worker patched the hole, and promised to come back and replace it.

"I do feel that if you're going to pay $163 a month association fee; I hope that they can do better than what they are doing now."

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