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‘Da Vinci Alive – The Experience’ opens Saturday at Science Museum of Virginia

Posted at 9:03 AM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 09:03:43-04

RICHMOND, Va.– “Da Vinci Alive – The Experience,” an exhibition celebrating the life and work of the famed inventor, scientist, engineer, architect, artist and musician, opens this Saturday at The Science Museum of Virginia.

Guests will experience the most detailed and inclusive exploration of Leonardo da Vinci’s work ever created.

The exhibition will mark the North American debut of a unique state-of-the-art SENSORY4™ multimedia gallery, telling the story of da Vinci’s life and achievements in an unforgettable immersive experience. “We are thrilled to host this exhibition as the inaugural summer experience in the Dewey Gottwald

“Da Vinci Alive – The Experience” is presented as the inaugural exhibition in the Science Museum of Virginia’s new landmark events facility, the Dewey Gottwald Center — a 21,000-square-foot, multifaceted building will host international traveling exhibitions during the summer months and act as a venue for community events throughout the remainder of the year.

Da Vinci Family Festival Schedule:

Ingenuity Day
Saturday, May 13 from 9:30 am – 5 pm
Celebrate the spirit of da Vinci by taking things apart and discovering their inner workings.

Artistry Day
Saturday, June 3 from 9:30 am – 5 pm
Create a large-scale community art project made with recycled bottle caps. Learn about forced perspectives, mirror writing and more.

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