Trump weighs order to pull out of NAFTA

Posted at 1:02 PM, Apr 26, 2017

WASHINGTON — The White House is considering withdrawing from NAFTA in the coming days, though President Donald Trump has not yet decided how to proceed, two senior administration officials confirmed to CNN Wednesday.

The White House is currently mulling an executive order declaring the US’ intent to withdraw from NAFTA, a move that could trigger a renegotiation of the trade pact rather than outright withdrawal, the officials said.m

But Trump could also simply launch the US into renegotiations of the trade pact with Canada and Mexico rather than making a bold move declaring the US’ intent to withdraw.

Politico first reported Wednesday that the White House is mulling an executive order on withdrawing the US from NAFTA.

One senior administration official stressed that this is something Trump has “always been considering” and while the White House is currently considering an executive order, the official stressed a lot could change in the coming days. Trump has not made any decisions and a range of options are still on the table, the official said.

The potential move comes after Trump imposed a 20% tariff on softwood lumber imports from Canada, which a second senior administration official described as only a “first shot across the bow.”

Trump has repeatedly railed against the NAFTA trade pact and said he plans to renegotiate the trade deal or withdraw from it altogether, though his administration has yet to formally announce those plans.

Trump must give 90-days notice before formally entering negotiations to reform the trade deal.