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Couple who carried baby without brain to term says goodbye to newborn

Posted at 1:32 PM, Apr 26, 2017

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma couple who carried their baby without a brain to term to help save others has said goodbye to their newborn.

Two months ago, Royce Young posted a photo of his wife, Keri Young, on Facebook.

Along with the picture, Young, who is a writer for ESPN, described the heartbreaking moment the couple found out that their daughter didn’t have a brain and his wife’s immediate selfless reaction.

“There I was, crestfallen and heartbroken, but I momentarily got lifted out of the moment and just stood in awe of her,” Royce Young wrote on Facebook on Feb. 17. “I was a spectator to my own life, watching a superhero find her superpowers. In literally the worst moment of her life, finding out her baby was going to die, it took her less than a minute to think of someone else and how her selflessness could help. It’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever experienced.

Keri Young wanted to carry her daughter, Eva, to term to donate her organs and give other babies a chance to live.

Young’s post about his wife quickly went viral, receiving more than 23,000 shares and 63,000 interactions on Facebook.

On April 17, Keri gave birth to Eva.

Shortly after the birth, the couple said goodbye to their newborn.

“We said hello and goodbye to our sweet Eva yesterday. She was so perfect in her own little way,” Keri posted on Facebook.

Royce Young shared a photo of him holding Eva with a similar caption.

“We said hello and goodbye to our sweet Eva Grace yesterday,” he posted.

At this time, it is unclear if Eva’s organs were able to be donated.

The family plans to share more about Eva at a later time.