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“A Most Confusing Wearable – The Hearing Aid”

Posted at 5:02 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 13:11:05-04


The Ninth Annual Focus Group sponsored by the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is Saturday, April 29, from 9 am  to 12:30 pm at VDDHH, 1602 Rolling Hills Drive, Henrico, 2nd floor.                         This year’s theme is:  “A Most Confusing Wearable – The Hearing Aid”.

Join the Focus Group for an informative presentation, networking and the opportunity to see the latest assistive devices with Bluetooth and T-coil compatibility. The guest presenter, Dr. Shantell Lewis, Chief Audiologist of Virginia Professional Hearing Healthcare Center and Virginia Professional Hearing Aid Center. Topics covered will include:

  • How can hearing aids help me?                         ●  What questions should I ask before buying a hearing aid?
  • Do all hearing aids work the same way?           ●  How can I find out if I need a hearing aid?
  • How do I care for my hearing aid?                     ●  Do I visit an Audiologist or a Hearing Center?
  • Will insurance pay for my aids?                          ●  Are there other resources to pay for hearing aids?
  • What is a telecoil and why do I need one?  ●  Is Bluetooth really that important?

For more information or to RSVP email or 804-662-9710 V/TTY. Details about VDDHH visit