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Black & White Affair charity event to help fund book scholarships

Posted at 10:08 PM, Mar 28, 2017

RICHMOND, Va. -- Most any college student will tell you that each year books and supplies get more expensive. Students get weighed down by debt quickly.

Thanks to one local organization that’s now celebrating its 15th year, some students are getting help to lighten the financial load.

The non-profit KLM Scholarship Foundation provides book scholarships for students who attend Virginia colleges and universities.

Founder, Kimberley L. Martin says their goal is to help make higher education more affordable.

“We really do try to target students who struggle with financial need and again, with the student debt crisis in Virginia and across the country, every little bit helps our students in need,” Martin said.

Martin and the KLM Scholarship Foundation’s army of volunteers spend all year raising funds for book scholarships and connecting with donors. A graduate of Virginia State University, Martin explained why the cause is so dear to her heart.

“I was a struggling college student once and struggled to meet the demands," she said. "I always thought if I had the opportunity to give back, I would. I’ve been able to do that for fifteen wonderful years with the support of volunteers, sponsors and the community at large."

Kimberley L. Martin

The RVA community is now eager to participate in the KLM Scholarship Foundation’s signature event called the Black & White Affair held at the Science Museum of Virginia.

The casino style event features hundreds of party-goers donning their signature black and white attire. Proceeds from the charity event will be used to fund book scholarships.

The night is filled with food, casino gaming, line dancing and more. Martin says it is the non-profit’s biggest fundraiser and it’s already sold out.

A crowd of nearly 1,000 guests will party at the museum with a purpose on April 1. That is, helping students achieve their higher education goals one book scholarship at a time.

Black & White Affair

“This is the second year we’ve sold out and we are so excited," said Martin. "The guests will come and have a great time for a good cause.”

Students who receive scholarships through the KLM Scholarship Foundation will be recognized at an awards ceremony later this summer.

For more information on donating to the 501 c3 organization or applying for book scholarships, go to the KLM Scholarship Foundation Facebook page or, click here.