Va. man accused of assaulting off-duty police officer tells his side of the story

Posted at 9:41 PM, Mar 03, 2017

CHESAPEAKE, Va. -- A Newport News man is facing a slew of charges after he allegedly attacked a Virginia Beach Police Officer inside of a Farm Fresh grocery store.

According to court documents, Chris McVey of Newport News assaulted the police officer, who was off duty at the time of the confrontation.

Chris McVey was charged with assaulting an off duty Virginia Beach Police officer in Chesapeake.

Chris McVey was charged with assaulting an off duty Virginia Beach Police officer in Chesapeake.

McVey told affiliate WTKR he made a comment to the cashier about poor customer service when the police officer intervened and asked him to leave the store.

He said he was originally planning to leave the store, but since the order came from the off duty police officer, instead of store management, he refused.

McVey said he called 9-1-1 while the officer made a phone call. McVey claims the officer began recording him with his cell phone, which is when McVey pulled out his phone and also began recording.

McVey's recording shows the police officer walking away from McVey, and McVey following him to a customer service counter inside the store. The officer asks him to back up, McVey says no, then the video shows McVey being tackled by the officer.

He said he doesn't believe he should be the one charged because he isn't the one who became violent.

“To charge me with a felony assault of a police officer and he was in fact the one who attacked somebody, which is very clearly shown by the video,” said McVey.

The officer is not facing any charges.

Virginia Beach Police say they are aware of the situation and video. They are conducting an internal investigation into the situation.

Farm Fresh's Corporate office sent over the following statement regarding the incident:

"An altercation between two individuals and an off-duty police officer occurred at our store located on Kempsville Road in Chesapeake during the evening of Thursday, March 2. Local police were called to the store and the individuals were removed. At this time, there is an ongoing police investigation and any additional questions regarding the investigation should be directed to the Chesapeake police department."