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‘Really nice people’ leap from second-story window to flee fire

Posted at 12:41 AM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 00:41:36-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- Two people were taken to the hospital after they had to jump from a second-story window to escape a fire in their apartment on Richmond's East End Sunday morning.

Crews were dispatched to a fire at an apartment complex on the 1000 block of Admiral Gravely Boulevard at 4:38 a.m.

Apartment in the 1000 block of Admiral Gravely Boulevard.

Apartment in the 1000 block of Admiral Gravely Boulevard.

Firefighters arrived four minutes later and the blaze was marked under control in ten minutes.

Tiana Singleton said she was sleeping just feet away from the fire as it burned.

"[I] heard someone knocking, and came downstairs," Singleton said. "I saw the smoke, so I got my kids out."

Her apartment shares a wall with the apartment where the blaze started.

Tiana Singleton

Tiana Singleton

"Material things I don't care about, but as long as my kids are safe, that's all I care about," Singleton added.

Fire officials said two people when they jumped from a window to get to safety.

Officials said those victims are were transported to hospital.

Singleton said her neighbors have lived there since she moved in five years ago.

"They've been here since I've been here. Really nice people," Singleton said. "I was really worried about them, but when I saw them bring them out the house, I was relieved."

Fire investigators have not determined what started the fire, but a scorched oven sits in front of the unit where the fire started.

In the rush to get her family to safety, Singleton did not see her neighbors jump to safety.

Her family will spend the night in a hotel and then turn toward putting the pieces of their family life back together.

"It's just really up in the air right now. Not really knowing what's going on, but I'm just hoping for the best."

The oven.

The oven.