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Viewer inspired to give back, receives surprise gift for her generosity  

Posted at 8:11 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-13 23:32:14-05

POWHATAN, Va. – Linda Carr-Kraft of Powhatan County is described as a community leader who always pays it forward.

Carr-Kraft is a faithful CBS 6 viewer who never hesitates to step in and help those in the community. Whenever Carr-Kraft sees a story that tugs on her heart strings, she takes it upon herself to give back.

In recent months she has been instrumental in setting up GoFundMe pages to help families in need.

Most recently she created a page for a homeless, disabled veteran profiled on our newscast. She also generously donated gift cards to the veteran.

So CBS 6 reporter Shelby Brown, with the help of Union Bank and Trust, surprised Carr-Kraft at her Powhatan home.

Linda Carr-Kraft

Linda Carr-Kraft

“I know about how you watch our station. I know about what you’ve done to help us help other people,” said Shelby. “So, when I got a chance to do a CBS 6 Gives, I wanted to give it to someone who was giving to other people.”

Shelby gave Carr-Kraft a spa gift card so that she can enjoy a few quiet, relaxing moments to herself.

“Oh Shelby, you know not to do that,” Carr-Kraft said humbly. “I appreciate it.”

The Powhatan woman was completely taken back by the surprise, but said she was excited to take some time off and relax at the spa.

“I love you, Shelby.”