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Military family targeted in Virginia housing community

Posted at 8:58 AM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 08:58:54-05

NORFOLK, Va. — Police have launched an investigation after a home in a Norfolk military housing community was broken into twice in 11 days.

The first incident happened on January 20 in the Whitehurst Farms neighborhood.

Rebekah Davis, a mother of five, said she was planning to celebrate a January Christmas with his children this year. The kids had been in Florida with her mother over the holiday while Davis recovered from surgery.

A day before the children came home, Davis said she walked in to find five of their TVs were stolen, along with a gun, cable boxes, electronics, wedding rings, kids’ backpacks, and Christmas presents for her husband and kids.

Norfolk home targeted by thieves

Norfolk home targeted by thieves

“For me, I feel violated, I feel sad, I feel unsafe,” she says. “You stole from children, you stole their possessions, you stole their sense of security.”

Rebekah Davis and her children

Rebekah Davis and her children

On January 31, Davis said she was taking a nap in the second floor of her home, when she heard someone in her living room.

When she walked downstairs, she saw a man and a woman digging through bags.

She asked them what they were doing and the two took off.

“In my mind I was like, I have to get these people, because I didn’t want them in my house and it was either me chase them or possibly them chase me.”

She said the woman was able to make it through their backyard gate to get their car, and the man held it closed so she could not get through.

Fortunately, Davis was able to quickly run around the outside of her house to take a picture of their car, a red Dodge Avenger.

Norfolk Police took reports of both incidents.

Norfolk Police Public Information Officer Daniel Hudson said there was a high likelihood the two incidents are connected, but that is all part of their on-going investigation.

According to online records, since November 8 there have been 13 other burglaries within one mile of the family’s home.