How Mauricia is losing 10 pounds a month

Posted at 11:49 AM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 11:49:34-05

RICHMOND, Va. — My name is Mauricia Crutchfield I started this healthier lifestyle in September 2016. Numerous times before, I started a diet, but would quickly give up and return to packing on the pounds.

But in September, the change that I needed came.

I was introduced to a healthy lifestyle change, the 21 day Fix. Now, I didn’t jump on board with it immediately with the Fix, but I was invited to join a Facebook group by my then co-worker, Brent Peters, so I did. It changed my life!

I didn’t start off with the 21 Day Fix.  I just ate better and exercised each day.

Brent helped coach me through, and he never pressured me to do the Fix. He just gave me facts.

Brent and Rae Leigh, now my coaches, were in full effect coaching me, along with others. It was not just any old kind of coaching, but real stuff.

They gave us encouragement, recipes, advice, and they’re very transparent. They’re in this right along with us keeping us motivated.

By November I was down over 20 pounds. Then I started the 21 Day Fix and it has been a mind blowing experience!

My cheat days, for meals, have now turned into cheat snacks on weekends. I’m eating clean, exercising each day, and I can feel the difference.

I have consistently lost 10 or more pounds each month since September!! And I am still going strong!

Now I’m not perfect, I still have days, although rare, that I eat what I want or may not get my full workout in, but those are very rare.

I’m just thankful that I stopped dieting and started a change in my mind. It has saved my life. My last time I weighed a couple of weeks ago I was down 37 pounds. I’m sure I’m 40+ down by now, and counting! I’m looking forward to each day, each month.. and seeing my results!

Celebrity fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese will be leading a group session at the Richmond Women’s Health & Fitness Expo on February 4 in Richmond. Calabrese is a Beachbody trainer and has inspired many women to get in shape.