Richmonders head to D.C. to celebrate Trump’s inauguration

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jan 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 20:01:53-05

RICHMOND, Va. – Hundreds of locals headed to Washington D.C. early Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, to celebrate the inauguration of the 45th president. Two Richmonders -- Steve Bannon, who is Trump's Cheif Strategist and a Richmond native, and Senator Tim Kaine -- were actually with feet of  President Donald J. Trump has he was sworn into office.

John Mikulec, a Glen Allen business owner, said that change is needed in the Oval Office, and he thinks Trump is just the person to do it.

“It’s still kind of surreal that he`s our president,” Mikulec said.

“I think trying out a CEO in the oval office is not a bad idea,” he said.  “We`ll see how it goes.  I think they just have to be optimistic.”

Signs of subtle dissent were spotted on the National Mall as Trump took the oath during his inauguration. Signs of violent dissent were present throughout parts of the city as protesters took to the streets. D.C. Police said a majority were peaceful, but a small few created a lot of destruction.

John Mikulec, a Glen Allen business owner

John Mikulec, a Glen Allen business owner

Some in D.C. to celebrate the new president were still worried that his words about Muslims or women might further fracture the country.

“It doesn`t matter your color or creed they are here to back him,” said Paul Whelan while waiting for the inaugural parade to begin.

The Whelan family from Powhatan -- Paul, Tina, Abby and Noah – grabbed a spot along the parade route; excited for the next four years.

“There have been people here from Nepal, Peru, and France.  We`ve met great people and they`re here to see [Trump] as a president,” they said.

“He`s going to help our veterans and make America great again!'” Noah said excitedly.

The Whelan family and many others plan on hold the 45th president to that promise.

On Saturday, even more Richmonders will head to D.C., many to take part in the March on Washington. The march is organized by a women’s group, whose mission isn’t to protest Trump, per say, but rather to send a message on Trump’s first day of governing that “women’s rights are human rights.”

Governor Terry McAuliffe said that he will attend the march with his wife.

CBS 6 will be there for the event.  Check out our reporting beginning at 6pm on Saturday.