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Family’s act of kindness, Secret Santa pay woman’s $2,500 car repair bill

Posted at 9:33 PM, Dec 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-21 21:44:30-05

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – A local family, inspired by CBS 6’s Month of Giving, decided to help a mother of seven get her car repaired, but a surprise from a Secret Santa nearly cut the repairs in half.

Shirley Stanley and her three adult children decided to help a mother in need this year, instead of exchanging gifts with one another.

“We were sitting around talking about what we were going to do for Christmas and my daughter said ‘we already have everything… why don’t we try to help somebody else.’”

Stanley said she wanted to do something that would benefit a family all year long.

After speaking with a co-worker, Stanley found a single mother of seven who was in the need of car repairs.

Shirley Stanley

Shirley Stanley

“She said ‘I have a vehicle that has no heat in it and we’ve been riding around in the cold, I really need to get my car fix,’” said Stanley.

Stanley said she contacted Allen Tire, located at 10140 Hull Street Road, for the repairs.

The repairs amounted to over $2,500.

“Not only was the heat not working, but the rear suspension was gone, she needed a water pump, thermostat and there were so many other things that they had to repair on the car,” said Stanley.

Stanley said she was given the estimate, but when she went to go pay the bill, it had been reduced to $1,300.

“I said how did this happen,” said Stanley. “He said ‘I can’t reveal my sources, but it was a Secret Santa.’”


Stanley said she was blown away by the gesture so she contacted CBS 6 to help share the story of the Secret Santa’s act of kindness.

“It speaks to the spirit that this season is all about… we should be helping each other,” she said.

Stanley said no one at Allen Tire wanted to step up and say who the Secret Santa is, but she wanted to share the story to highlight their good deed.

“For that to happen today, it’s unheard of. There should be kudos or a warm fuzzy given out to Allen Tire on Hull Street even though they want to remain anonymous,” said Stanley. “The love they showed demonstrates to me that they truly embody what the spirit of this season is really all about.”

Stanley said the mother of seven called her in tears, thankful of the heat in her car and the repairs that she otherwise couldn’t afford.