Can you help Jeremiah and Kyla find a forever home?

Posted at 8:00 AM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 08:00:20-05

RICHMOND, Va. — Jeremiah, 7, can be described as very spirited and a boy’s boy who loves to go outside and play. He is an adventurous youth who loves to play with trucks, ride his bike and enjoys most physical activities. Some of Jeremiah’s favorite activities include watching cartoons, ensuring he catches his favorite shows on the cartoon network and coloring. He also enjoys participating in various activities with youth his age. Jeremiah is a very determined child who likes being the center of attention. Jeremiah is an honor student; to be young Jeremiah is very committed to completing all school assignments and excels academically.

Jeremiah has begun to display a strong passion for drawing and the arts; and, likes to display his arts and crafts. He can also be considered a fashion-forward young boy who is very concerned with his appearance and loves to have weekly haircuts. He also has a strong desire to have a forever family and be connected to a mother and father. Jeremiah does have a close bond with his older sister, Kyla and it is ideal that both children be placed together.

Kyla, 10, can be described as fun loving with a bright smile. She is a happy child who enjoys most social activities such as being outside, riding her bike, and meeting new friends. Kyla is a friendly child and makes friends quite easily. She is an affectionate child and loves to give hugs and has a great interest in learning historical facts. Kyla is an advanced child and does well academically and enjoys attending school.

Kyla can be considered a social butterfly and has no problems warming up to others. She enjoys most social functions and has recently become part of her church’s children’s choir and has shown great interest in singing. Kyla can present as bashful when meeting new individuals but can warm up quite easily. She is very intelligent and enjoys helping others out. Kyla has additional interest such as playing with her Barbie’s and has an interest with becoming a cheerleader and participating in gymnastics.

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